Thursday, October 14, 2010

CMC - Mock Number One

I just couldn't help it... It's just WAY 2 BAD TO BE TRUE, therefore I'm going to mock ModaLx, hardcore style.

Please note that if you work with vegetables, fish and such, you are guaranteed a place at ModaLx.

P.S. I'm not going to point out which designer did what.

Something is happening over there in the shoulders, oh yeah, bad construction.

WOW never seen this before!

Omg please wear small notebooks in your hair next S/S...

Yeah hi I'm old but I'm famous so I kinda do this for a living... Btw don't you love my crappy "dress/gown/smt"?

Lace is no longer sexy, is trashy and scary!

Pooping fabric. A way of life. Fiber diet you know?

Look there's a dead bird in her head, oh wait he was scared with the construction of the "dress".

The shoes match everything especially the lace and the turquoise "thing".

Versace gone bad. Once again thA shoes.


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