Monday, May 31, 2010

Today's outfits

HandM headband, promod t-shirt, PullandBear belt, skirt from Zara, Primark shoes, Uterque bag

Catterpilar boots, HandM leggings, blouse from Friday's Project, DKNY denim blouse

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

As you may have already understood I love Gemma Arterton, her body, her voice, her behaviour. So, of course, I had to see the film Prince of Persa: The Sands of Time from Mike Newell, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and my muse Gemma. The film has a great photography and interesting shots. Furthermore, the clothes, the hair styles are amazing. YOU NEED TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF! Because the film is recent there not as much pictures as I would like. Still, here are some just for you:


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bairro Alto at night with friends!

Yesterday me and Attitude had so much fun! We went to Bairro Alto with our college friends and then with Andreia to Lux Frágil, our fav place to dance till our feet hurt so badly

Our dear friend Andreia

Attitude wearing: leather vintage jacket, vintage top, Pepe Jeans jeans, Prada shoes, Prada purse
Belle Époque wearing: black cotton body from Stradivarius, scarf from a Parisienne street market, treggings from Zara, Primark shoes and my vintage "going out at purse" from Chanel

Soul mates


Friday, May 28, 2010

Stars' Style.Tracking - Oliver Sykes

Today I'm feeling a lil' bit Bring Me The Horizon :)

Oliver Sykes is the vocalist of BMTH and his style, for me, is great. He's very out there, kinda rebel but you know DEATHCORE is all about being LOUD.

Loud music and style \m/

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A stylish Russian boy

I know I have already posted him, but he is so inspiring that he deserves his own post (besides that he always knows how I want him to pose for me!)
Andriy Davidoff



LV's curiosities

I was asked to solve a case study about Louis Vuitton to Public Relations subject at college. The case study talks about a strategy conducted by LV in 2007 which envolved french fashion bloggers. LV wanted to promote the new site of the brand and so invited 40 bloggers, one week before the launching of the site, to watch and comment about the content of the site in their own blogs. A great strategy I may add! Who are the best persons to promote a fashion brand than fashion bloggers? The ones who are interested in the brand and its products will read the comments and be lead to the new site, without an advertasing campaign paid by LV!
Of course, I loved the project! And I loved it even more because I had to search about the history of the brand and had the idea of asking questions to some employers of our portuguese store in Liberdade Avenue.
When I arrived at the store I asked how was the feeling of working in that brand always related to luxury goods and quality; I wanted to know if the values they pass to the outside world are the same they have in their daily life. Even though I have the brand in consideration I never thought employers were taught about the LV's history and most known itens, such as speedy bags, etc. But they are! The girl explained me they are reminded every day which kind of consumers are LV consumers and the best way of satisfying them during the selling time. I was amazed!
Now, talking about the history of the brand, I discovered that the brand was a family legacy in the firsts decades and that was firstly known by its innovations in the luggage market. LV invented the first flat-topped trunks that were lightweight and airtight. At the time, all other trunks had rounded tops for water to run off, and thus could not be stacked in railway cars.
As you can imagine, the brand is innovative but classy and it offers lifetime products. To know more visit:

Some of my favorite LV items:

LV spicy sandals

Sprouse LV handbag

LV hardsided luggage

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lux - Hot Chipness

Flowing with Hot Chip at:

Dress H&M, Coat H&M, Gucci Boots, Vintage Necklace and Vintage Croc. Purse
Mango Top, H&M Belt, H&M Leggings, Primark Shoes, Chanel Vintage Bag

So yes, I was late posting this sózze 'bout it but I'll try to speed up next time ;)

xmack CMC and yes, I LOVE GIN AND TONIC

Monday, May 24, 2010


So, as you know me (Attitude) and Jô (Belle Époque) went to Rock in Rio and we fell in love with Deadmau5 OMGAWD awesome really really!

I had the idea of doing a style for a Deadmau5 concert:


So this would be the style I would suggest for Deadmau5 girls :P

Tranvestite - Earplug

Shape Shiftr - Body

Fleet Ilya - Belt

Natalie Encarnita - Pants

Collina Strada - Bag

Alexander Wang - Shoes

Fishbones - Top

Gucci - Sunglasses