Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dec 2010 VOGUE

We love Vogue. How much? THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much! However, the Portuguese Vogue is, let's say, sad. Therefore we buy other Vogues, although they are expensive, they're worth it :)
These are some Vogue covers from around the world, I wonder if they are still thinking about Vogue Africa... That would be great for them, I know I know, people associate fashion with something expensive or futile ( s a d ) so to create one in Africa it might sound of bad taste but the truth is that could most definitely improve the life of many: people who write, models still out there (I mean African models are drop dead gorgeous) etc.
Let's see, oh and btw Merry Xmas :D or even Feliz Natal!

Vogue Russia

Vogue Korea

Vogue Australia

Vogue Portugal

Vogue España

Vogue USA

Vogue Paris

Vogue UK

Vogue Deutsch

Vogue Nippon

Vogue China

xoxo CMC

Watch out Gaga, Rihanna is coming for you!

You know what? I totally love red hair, can't pull it off but yeah I do. And Rihanna? I gotta' say "Who's that Chick"? What a transformation, from girl next door to trendsetter! Congrats Rihanna totally deserve it :) You're an icon for fashionistas/fashion victims and you made me question Lady Gaga, why? Because you can pull off a really cool style without going overboard! "Loves it"!

xoxo CMC

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Winners - Fashion Awards Portugal 2010

As promised here are the winners of yesterday's night:

Best Fashion Designer:
Luís Buchinho

Best new fashion designer:
Fernando Lopes

Best Accessory Designer:
Carlos Santos

Best portuguese brand:

Model of the year (woman):
Jani Gabriel

Model of the year (man):
Luís Borges

Best internacional brand:

Best Fashion Photographer:
Pedro Ferreira

Best Fashion Stylist:
Paulo Macedo

Best make-up artist:
Cristina Gomes

Best hair-stylist:
Miguel Viana

Best store (Design):
Wrong Weather (Porto) 

Best Communicator:


Totally need to see that Wrong Weather store!!!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fashion Awards Portugal 2010 - 1st Edition

It's today!!! For the first time in Portugal, our best of the best in the fashion industry will be recognized in a ceremony organized by Fashion TV. 
And the nominees are:

    Best Fashion Designer:
  • Filipe Faisca
  • Luis Buchinho
  • Nuno Baltazar
    Best Accessory Designer :
  • Carlos Santos
  • Fly London
  • Luis Onofre
    Best New Fashion Designer:
  • Andreia Filipa Oliveira
  • Luciana Teixeira
    Best portuguese brand:
  • Decenio
  • Lanidor
  • Salsa Jeans
    Best internacional brand:
  • Diesel
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Prada
    Model of the year (woman):
  • Ana Sofia
  • Jani Gabriel
  • Sara Sampaio
    Model of the year (man):
  • Bruno Rosendo
  • Luis Borges
  • Ruben Rua
    Best Fashion Photographer:
  • Mário Príncipe
  • Pedro Ferreira
  • Rui Aguiar
    Best Fashion Stylist:
  • Filipe Carriço
  • Paulo Gomes
  • Paulo Macedo
    Best make-up artist:
  • Antónia Rosa
  • Cristina Gomes
  • Náná Benjamin
    Best hair stylist:
  • Helena Vaz Pereira
  • Miguel Viana
  • Paulo Vieira
    Best store (design):
  • Ana Salazar (Cascais)
  • Espaço B (Lisboa)
  • Wrong Weather (Porto)
    Best communicator:
  • Catarina Vasques Rito (DN)
  • Dailymodalisboa
  • Manuel Arnaut (Vogue)
Check our blog tomorrow to know the winners!

p.s: The launch of Lanvin's collection for H&M was today! I heard it was really hard to get a piece (online shop and on location) and runs the rumour that some dresses (expensive ones) look like a Christimas' gift! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Editorial - Interview Nov 2010 - Vanessa Paradis by Patti Smith

Ok it's been way 2 long I know but hey we're not dead (yet) and plus H&M is going down tomorrow hellzyeah!
Anyway, I LOVE THIS EDITORIAL BY INTERVIEW ...jebus... It's drop dead gorgeous and sexy! Vanessa Paradis is amazing!

xoxo CMC