Monday, October 18, 2010

CMC - Good stuffff

Not everything is gloom and doom THANK GOD. There are some guys and gals in this tiny lil' country that DO GET fashion. These are my picks, my fav creations that I saw in Portugal Fashion. See? I'm not thattt meannn :)

Love LOVE the belt!

Interesting construction in my opinion.

Very fairysh but sweet!

Fátima Lopes ROCK ON, LOVEEEEEEEEE the top.

The red stripe on the pencil skirt it's a great detail!

The pants are soooooo cool!

White and black, yummy!

" I DIE"

"I DIE 2"

"I DIE 3"

"I DIE 4"

Yes, you've seen it before, kinda low mcqueenish but it's still cute :)


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