Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dec 2010 VOGUE

We love Vogue. How much? THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much! However, the Portuguese Vogue is, let's say, sad. Therefore we buy other Vogues, although they are expensive, they're worth it :)
These are some Vogue covers from around the world, I wonder if they are still thinking about Vogue Africa... That would be great for them, I know I know, people associate fashion with something expensive or futile ( s a d ) so to create one in Africa it might sound of bad taste but the truth is that could most definitely improve the life of many: people who write, models still out there (I mean African models are drop dead gorgeous) etc.
Let's see, oh and btw Merry Xmas :D or even Feliz Natal!

Vogue Russia

Vogue Korea

Vogue Australia

Vogue Portugal

Vogue España

Vogue USA

Vogue Paris

Vogue UK

Vogue Deutsch

Vogue Nippon

Vogue China

xoxo CMC

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