Monday, July 12, 2010

NYC says HELLO - Brooklyn Museum

Hey guys so yeah the outkast, the one who's been experiencing zhe Parsons does not write at all BUT HEY now I'm here, and also, give me a break c'mon eheh ^^'
Everything is being awesome awesome a w e s o m e and the post is about the exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum: American High Style - Fashioning a National Collection!
I went to the Museum and the collection was amazing (still need to go to the MET to see the rest of it) and I dedicate this post to MJ cuz I know she'll love it :D
But before that let me give you a sum up of what I've been up to: been to MoMa, Guggenheim, met outstanding people, went to Houston Terrace and ended up in a limo with the girls from parsons and some guys from New Zealand (sheep and Lord of The Rings and that's it), been spending too much on clothes x.x, been asked to take a picture cuz the guy digged my style (FINALY SOMEONE GETS ME [NYC is so nice, they comment what you're wearing right in the middle of the street, yesterday I was walking with my AC/DC t shirt and a old rocker guy said "YEAH AC DC RIGHT ON \m/" so kewl omg]), been to the cinema to see the great A BOUT DE SOUFLE (love it), been to some AMAZING restaurants (after all I'm living in East Village), and yes I CAN GET DRINKS urrah for my oldish appearance (yes this detail is very important, MJ knows why rofl), watched the 4th of July fireworks in this amazing roof party in Brooklyn (yes you can see them from there), done this McQueenishGarethPughish collection (5 designs) inspired on a decade, the METALLICA DECADE urrah for headbangers and now I'm turning it to the Chanel style (yes...) AND SO on On and ON!


At the Brooklyn Museum you can find as I said before the American Hight Style Exhibition and you have many designers and many pieces OUTSTANDING PIECES take a look (yeah I got excited):

xoxo CMC

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  1. AMAZING!!!!!!! loved the maxi poncho dress! wow and a limoooo... and you can drink... lol yesterday i was saying to andy "she must be so dehydrated by now..." miss u sooooooo much. always talking about you... i won't survive if you go to Parsons! i won't let you go lol