Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to Lisbon

Hi guys! I know I promissed to put here Daniel's photos from our shoot, but actually he did not photoshopped them, so I am still dealing with it. I have asked a friend to help me, however I do not know when they will be ready. There's a lot to photoshop.. On Friday my project presentations went really well and there were quite interesting projects from the other girls, especially from a girl from Sweden called Alexandra.
Now I am just trying to find out which course I want to aplly in september 2011 and in which college (CSM or London College of Fashion).

Wall at Tate Modern

Shibboleth (2007) at Tate Modern

One of the four styles I had to make for my white t-shirt project.
 Inspired by a wall at Tate Modern with names of artists and by Shibolleth from Doris Salcedo



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