Monday, July 5, 2010

London - Day 4

Today was the day! My summer course has started. I must confess I thought it was going to be easy because it is just one week, but Nick Andrews (our teacher) said we have to complete 3 projects: the white t-shirt project, the trends project and the fashion shoot. So, the first ones are individual work and the fashion shoot is going to be a group project. In this amazing last project we are supposed to think about and produce a whole fashion shoot which is going to be photographed, hairstyled and make-uped by professionals, the rest (that is to say the styling of the clothes) is up to us!!! I'm so excited.
In the afternoon I went to Tate Modern to search for inspiration to the white t-shirt project and after that went to Berwick Street, Soho, to some cloth shops in order to take somo fabric's samples which I will use to the trends project.

A comfy outfit to work and get inspiration of the streets
(jersey cardigan from Mango with lace details, jersey pants from Zara, body from CandA, flat shoes from Lanidor) 

Berwick Street, Soho



  1. Carolina de MedeirosJuly 7, 2010 at 12:26 AM

    Looking and getting samples of fabrics is called swatching :P vou fazer isso amanhã LOL mal tenho tempo para passear mas não há de ser nada espero que estejas a gostar. Por aqui eu ADORO mas de facto, moi ser bastante europeia. Kiss! (btw não te respondo às sms porque são 95 cents LOLOL)

  2. q alguém vem com a Jô para Londres em Setembro 2011 muahahah. E estou a ADORAR tb lol mas há umas qnts psedonias na minha turma, the usual...