Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There is fashion in bullfights

Ok.. so forget all the controversy about bullfights and the animal rights. Because I am here today to talk about the beautiful outfits worn by bullfighters. I must confess... I am used to go to bullfights, I used to go with my parents and nowadays I go with a good friend of mine who is such a fan and knows all about the art of bullfighting and even the names of all those envolved. But the thing is that today I go to the "show" for the outfits, the silhouttes, for all the light and sparkling, not for the show itself. Everytime I enter in the bullring I feel so amazed by all those colors and richness. That is why I am writing this post... to show you that there is something wonderful about bullfights despite all the talks about animals' damages.
The outfits are called Luces due to the effects of the light in the paillettes used to make the chaquetilla (jacket) and the taleguilla (pants). These two pieces which compound the outfit are made of gold, silver and silk. The gold outfits are worn by the most important bullfighters, while those made of silver are made for men who help the true bullfighter, who is going to face the bull by himself.
Here are some pics taken in Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, the most well-known bullring in Portugal. I wish the quality was better, however I was not in a good place and my camera is not as great as I wanted it to be (I am waiting for another as a Christmas' gift). Enjoy!


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