Monday, May 3, 2010

Vanessa Paradis and Chanel

Do you remember that little bird in the Rouge Chanel parfum commercial of 1992? Yes, Vanessa Paradis is not a strange face on maison Chanel.

This week I read the interview with Peter Philips, Creative Director of Global Chanel Make Up, for Edit Mag Portugal, and I found out why Rouge was back as a legendary mark for Chanel and why Vanessa was chosen (once again) for this campaign.

Rouge Coco is the new bet of Chanel to capture every women's attention. The batôn is not an ordinary lipstick or lipgloss, is a way to break the nasty habit of some cheesy lipglosses and also to endure the fame of Chanel. I'm not saying I don't like lipglosses because I do and my favourite is one of Dior's with a hint of lemon taste, but the lipstick Rouge Coco is a better choice and it's a MUST for your necessaire! The colour chart of Rouge Coco can please anyone because it goes from pastels to bright intense colours so you no longer have an excuse to be an outsider from the world of Chanel!

Why the name Rouge Coco and why Vanessa? Because, like Peter Philips said, she is still so beautiful and young and Rouge Coco makes your mouth in a heart shaped way giving the idea that each time you say it, your mouth whispers a little kiss and if you wear the Rouge Coco, even sexier that kiss becomes!

xmac CMC

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