Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Noventa Graus - Fashion Editorial

This editorial is from EDIT MAG #06 May'10. The editorial is called A Noventa Graus which means At Angle 90º if we can translate it like that but anyway, I was really pleased with this (and others that I'll be posting) fashion editorial.
Jô went to interview Vogue Portugal and they told her that they didn't do fashion editorials 'cuz they were way too expensive, they use leftovers basically. Well EDIT MAG proves that you just have to get the guts to do it! The editorials at EDIT MAG are done in Portugal, with Portuguese clothing (and not only), with models in Portuguese agencies, sum up it's PT made so suck that up Vogue PT!
URRAH FOR EDIT MAG keep up the great work!

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