Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hello to all! As you might have noticed I rarely post and Jô keeps me bugging 'bout it but I do have a good excuse: my camera has to go to a pro shop and have the filter cleaned. Anyway, these are some photos that I'm starting to collect called: LX INSPIRES ME.
Have a quick tour, take a peek without even leaving the sofa ;)

Inside Café Brasileria, Chiado:

Car Park Luís de Camões, Chiado/BA:
Tram at the Rua da Conceição, Rossio:
Bank at Rossio:

Inside Café Brasileira, Chiado:

Jewelry shop, Rossio:

Under Cons., BA:

Graffiti, BA:

Graffiti, Elevador da Glória:

Varanda, BA:
Door (detail), BA:
Lamp, BA:
Coffee Shop and similar products, Rossio:

xmac CMC

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