Monday, April 19, 2010

Fashion characters of war films I

I love cinema. I really do. I love the icecream (Haagen Dazs, Haagen Dazs!!!) during trailers time, I love holding hands, the kisses, the film itself, etc. But what I love the most is the work of costume designers and make-up and hairstylists designers in some films. This first post concerning films' inspiration is about Star Wars and its princesses.
Yes, I am a kind of Star Wars' geek, however I think there is a real sense of fashion in those costumes.
For me, Padmé Amidala is the one who shows the best closet. Her closet follows her lifetime, since her childhood till her mature years and grows with her and with her importance on the Senate.

Still a young queen

The seriousness of a queen

White for peace in the Republic Empire

Seducing a young boy

Padmé in love

The wedding dress

Pregnant of his children

(Padmé's costumes by Trisha Biggar)

My fav one? The lace wedding dress! It seems the one I am always dreaming of!

Her daughter, Princess Leia, has a fashion sense too, but due to the hard times of war she did not change her outfits as many times as her mother.

(Leia's costumes by John Mollo)

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